Friday, February 26, 2010

learing to stand

hey there guys. i have been away for a while had a break over xmas and well forgot to come back on here and tell you all more about my training. but am back now so better get back into it lol. so where was i oh yeah my mum was teaching me to come on the lead well thats all good and stuff im doing it but when not on lead i dont do it as i just like to rome a bit. mum gets a bit upset but it will all work out later. so we go to dog school and well i find out that i now have to do more traing but this time there is something new we are going to do. i am now going to learn to stand when told mmmm how is this going to work i wonder?so we do all our same stuff heal sit and the come from tthe last time thats all good. but today we are going to learn to stand. so we are walking and my mum has to stop and say ssstttaaannnd slow so i understand it. and as she does that she puts her left hand just at the back of my leg under my belly to stop me from sitting. coz you see i have now learned that everytime we stop im to sit but now mum wants me to get used to stand when she tell me. this is all different everytime we stop i go to sit but cant noe coz mum puts hand there to stop and says stand. i do this afew times but get all confused this takes me a week to learn that when mum says stand i dont sit when we stop unless she dont say stand.the stand command comes in handy for alot of things like if mum wants to brush me she can make me stand or if she wants to wipe my wet feet if i go inside she makes me stand its easy for my mum that way.also if there was something that mum didnt want me to go to that could be danger like a snake or lizard she could tell me to stand and stay untill she cam to me to put me on a lead. so its a good lesson for you dogs to learn.well i think that sums up the stand lesson feel free to ask me anything if you are not to sure untill the next lesson take care bye woof woof.

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