Saturday, November 28, 2009

me and my freind max

well hi there guys here is my hottie max i want to tell you the first time i meet max. well i told you from the time i went to puppy school well i was about 4 months old and it was my first time there and i was all happy and stuff and i meet who i now know jeff and cheryl and love them right away well jeff and cheryl have other dogs you should check them out on they have some cool dogs but i only have met max cos the others im not sure of. anyway as i was saying they have more dogs but i didnt know this as the time and well jeff goes and the house and comes out with who i now know and love max well when i layed eyes on him i was in love. he was so beautiful as you can see in this picture what a HOTTIE i was jumping on the end of my lead trying to get to him saying mum let me go let me go i want to get to this hottie and play oh he looks like so much fun. and my mum tells me of NO ebony you can not play its time to learn to train and im like no way i want to play with this cuttie max come on mum let me play just a bit and ill do the training later. but nope mum would not let me. so we had to go and do a train i could not take my eyes of max he was so cute and wow he really knew how to train everything jeff told him bang he did it. he listen to his master so well mmmm mayby i should nah i want to play can do work later. but what do you know nope mum wont lt me dam it. so i get to know max better and we become really good freinds and now later as i am grown up mum lets me play with max sometimes when there are no other dogs there coz us dogs are not to be of lead when its training other wise there can be fights and thats not now we are upto the part where we learn to come to our owners this will be good ha. so we are out in the block and we do our normal thing heel then sit but now we have to add the come bit and i am not to sure. so mum is walking me and then she goes backwards and says come and pulls on my lead not hard towards her and i am going to her when i get in front of her after she takes 3 steps back she says sit and when i do i get that tasty treat mmm this is not as bad as i thought. now i know 3 things i am getting good at this i might just be as good as max my hunny. well kee in touch ill have more later for you take care bye all woof woof xxx.

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