Friday, February 26, 2010

learing to stand

hey there guys. i have been away for a while had a break over xmas and well forgot to come back on here and tell you all more about my training. but am back now so better get back into it lol. so where was i oh yeah my mum was teaching me to come on the lead well thats all good and stuff im doing it but when not on lead i dont do it as i just like to rome a bit. mum gets a bit upset but it will all work out later. so we go to dog school and well i find out that i now have to do more traing but this time there is something new we are going to do. i am now going to learn to stand when told mmmm how is this going to work i wonder?so we do all our same stuff heal sit and the come from tthe last time thats all good. but today we are going to learn to stand. so we are walking and my mum has to stop and say ssstttaaannnd slow so i understand it. and as she does that she puts her left hand just at the back of my leg under my belly to stop me from sitting. coz you see i have now learned that everytime we stop im to sit but now mum wants me to get used to stand when she tell me. this is all different everytime we stop i go to sit but cant noe coz mum puts hand there to stop and says stand. i do this afew times but get all confused this takes me a week to learn that when mum says stand i dont sit when we stop unless she dont say stand.the stand command comes in handy for alot of things like if mum wants to brush me she can make me stand or if she wants to wipe my wet feet if i go inside she makes me stand its easy for my mum that way.also if there was something that mum didnt want me to go to that could be danger like a snake or lizard she could tell me to stand and stay untill she cam to me to put me on a lead. so its a good lesson for you dogs to learn.well i think that sums up the stand lesson feel free to ask me anything if you are not to sure untill the next lesson take care bye woof woof.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

me and my freind max

well hi there guys here is my hottie max i want to tell you the first time i meet max. well i told you from the time i went to puppy school well i was about 4 months old and it was my first time there and i was all happy and stuff and i meet who i now know jeff and cheryl and love them right away well jeff and cheryl have other dogs you should check them out on they have some cool dogs but i only have met max cos the others im not sure of. anyway as i was saying they have more dogs but i didnt know this as the time and well jeff goes and the house and comes out with who i now know and love max well when i layed eyes on him i was in love. he was so beautiful as you can see in this picture what a HOTTIE i was jumping on the end of my lead trying to get to him saying mum let me go let me go i want to get to this hottie and play oh he looks like so much fun. and my mum tells me of NO ebony you can not play its time to learn to train and im like no way i want to play with this cuttie max come on mum let me play just a bit and ill do the training later. but nope mum would not let me. so we had to go and do a train i could not take my eyes of max he was so cute and wow he really knew how to train everything jeff told him bang he did it. he listen to his master so well mmmm mayby i should nah i want to play can do work later. but what do you know nope mum wont lt me dam it. so i get to know max better and we become really good freinds and now later as i am grown up mum lets me play with max sometimes when there are no other dogs there coz us dogs are not to be of lead when its training other wise there can be fights and thats not now we are upto the part where we learn to come to our owners this will be good ha. so we are out in the block and we do our normal thing heel then sit but now we have to add the come bit and i am not to sure. so mum is walking me and then she goes backwards and says come and pulls on my lead not hard towards her and i am going to her when i get in front of her after she takes 3 steps back she says sit and when i do i get that tasty treat mmm this is not as bad as i thought. now i know 3 things i am getting good at this i might just be as good as max my hunny. well kee in touch ill have more later for you take care bye all woof woof xxx.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more training

well hi there guys. im back and now getting ready to do more training as have been going over it for the week i am still not heeling for my mum. now 5 months old but i do sit really good now as my mum has been doing it with me all week and i now know that if she says sit and i do it right away i get that tasty treat. so we are going back to jeff and cheryls and we are going to do more training but at this time i am not wanting to train there are cool pups here i love it. i want to play with them all some times there are more there then others and some times i have to be careful as some dogs are not puppys and they dont want to play like one dog she is a standed poodle and she is much older then me she wont take anything from any dog she pulls them in line. so i dont play with her. i see my hottie again max and i want to play games with him but mum says no ebony you need to train i get mad and shake my head no mum come on let me play just a bit im trying to tell her but she wont let me so unfair. so we go out on the field and its time to do that heeling thing and the sitting thing and so we do that and all good. but wait a second whats this all these things are around the paddock there is this ramp ans these tire things and a tunnel and jumps. mum says if i be a good girl i get to go on them but not the jumps as im to young i need to be 15 months before i can jump but i know i can already we do our training and i do the sitting good but not the heal this upsets mum but i dont like to do it mayby one day i will not yet i just want fun. so then we get to do all these things i get to go over the tires and the tunnel and the ramp its great i have a ball. hehe when mum lets go of my lead to go in the tunnle i bolt for it and i run like mad around the paddock i have a skitz attack wahoo i have so much fun my mum is stressing ebony come here she is calling but no way im having to much fun to go back. so after about 5 mins mum gets me and the fun is over boy i had fun but now im so puffed ha ha i will sleep good tonight. well that was a great day cant wait to come back and do it again. well keep reading folks ill be back with more good stuff take care woof woof bye xxx.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

beging to do training

ok well after i had all that done my mum said that is was time to start training not sure what she was meaning but i was soon to find out. this was going to be a whole new learing thing for we are going to a new place mum says we are going to meet these new people they are jeff and cheryl. so here we are and we meet the new people they seem nice i was yet to find out that i would be going here every week and would love going there and love seeing jeff and i now have to learn to do new things like sit when told and this thing they say heel but i dont want to do that.i am to strong headed and dont want to do what i am told at first but was soon to learn that when i did do as i was told i would get treats and boy do i love them. so for the first time my mum has to to training with me all the week until we come back and she has the job of trying to teach me to do that thing heel. so we go home and she takes me for walkies and i so love them they are the best but mum wants me to do this heel thing and i dont want to do it as i want to sniff and run here and run there but no i must heel my mum never gives up but i do try and test her but mum wins with them nice tasty treats. so the week is up and its time to go back to jeff and cheryls to do more training i am liking it as there are lots of other puppys there and all i want to do is play i have found a freind with max thats jeff and cheryls dog what a stunner of a dog he is hot later i become his beast we are back for another week and we have a new thing we have to learn i now have to learn to sit when told and so if i dont do it my mum makes me but gently putting her hand on my back and pushing down to make me sit. not to keen on it at first but i get the hang of it. and i now learn that as soon as i do bang i get a tret and mum is happy with me :). well people keep in touch ill keep you updated on my next lot of training take care all woof woof xx.

Friday, November 20, 2009

vet trip

hello all im back!!!! well o here i am in my new home with my new family and im loving it. then one day my mum say eb we are going to go to the vets and im thinking mmm that sound cool wonder what that is. so i go for what mum calles drivies and boy i love them now. so we go for this trip and then we get there. and she says come on we have a new place for you to get used to. and im thinking oh no not another new home but no it wasnt. so i go there and there are all these new ppl and they are fussing over me saying oh how cute are you what a cutie and im thinking get over it guys gee!! then this man pickes me up and puts me on the cold silver table and im thinking hey what are you doing and then he starts feeling me checking my ears my eyes my legs and im not to sure about it all but then my mum is there and i feel safe. then this guy goes away and then comes back and well the next thing i feel this thing in the back of my neck and boy i yelled it hurt like hell i didnt like it at all and i know my mum didnt like it done. i wanted to get out of there that man was bad but mum made it better and gave me a nice liver treat that was yum. then she says now you will never get lost they put what they call a mrico chip in me so if i do get lost they can find me i also got other needles so i dont get sick my mum love me and wants to look after me real well i love her so much. so that was a big day for me as i was only about 4 months. so off back home we go and i have myself a big sleep am happy to be home. next time chexk for more i have lots to tell you bye later woof woof xxx

Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new home

well here i am in my new home boy im so spoiled my new mum got me a nice new matt that im laying on and lots of toys i have so much fun. im loving m new home its great. so many new smells ans things to chase trees to pull things of ha they are eatable to one taste sweet and one is crunchy mum tells me of and says stop eating my cherrys that must be the sweet things i eat and then she tells me off for eating the crunchy things stop eating me almonds she says. but im not going to they are good. boy im having a ball digging lots of holes here its great fun i get told no for them but i just love it. so many good things in the ground bugs and worms tasty. my mum lets me sleep inside but i have to go on my matt wich i do caz it makes mum happy and i like it its cozy. well stay in touch and ill tell you more about my life soon take care woof woof.

my life

hi all my name is ebony and i live ina country town near the beach. im almost 13 months and started my life with my beautiful family from the age of 3 was xmas day and my old owner wanted me to find a new home as i had many brother and sisters there was to many of us. so he took me to this place and only to find my new owner waiting for me but i didnt know it at the time she didnt know i was going to be hers and i didnt know i was going to be hers. as it happen i got passed into her arms and she took me outside showing me off oh how cute is this woman was saying and well she went to turn back and take me inside when another person spoke do you want her they said meaning me ebony will the person was so happy and said yes yes yes. and from then on that day i was her dog. it was a happy xmas for all. this will follow on so please read more soon woof woof.