Sunday, November 22, 2009

beging to do training

ok well after i had all that done my mum said that is was time to start training not sure what she was meaning but i was soon to find out. this was going to be a whole new learing thing for we are going to a new place mum says we are going to meet these new people they are jeff and cheryl. so here we are and we meet the new people they seem nice i was yet to find out that i would be going here every week and would love going there and love seeing jeff and i now have to learn to do new things like sit when told and this thing they say heel but i dont want to do that.i am to strong headed and dont want to do what i am told at first but was soon to learn that when i did do as i was told i would get treats and boy do i love them. so for the first time my mum has to to training with me all the week until we come back and she has the job of trying to teach me to do that thing heel. so we go home and she takes me for walkies and i so love them they are the best but mum wants me to do this heel thing and i dont want to do it as i want to sniff and run here and run there but no i must heel my mum never gives up but i do try and test her but mum wins with them nice tasty treats. so the week is up and its time to go back to jeff and cheryls to do more training i am liking it as there are lots of other puppys there and all i want to do is play i have found a freind with max thats jeff and cheryls dog what a stunner of a dog he is hot later i become his beast we are back for another week and we have a new thing we have to learn i now have to learn to sit when told and so if i dont do it my mum makes me but gently putting her hand on my back and pushing down to make me sit. not to keen on it at first but i get the hang of it. and i now learn that as soon as i do bang i get a tret and mum is happy with me :). well people keep in touch ill keep you updated on my next lot of training take care all woof woof xx.


  1. Hi Ebony! Ohhh Shucks! I think you are hot too!!! My ebolicious! Cant wait until we can play again

  2. nore can i max hey i am going to put our photo up of us having fun coz you are so cute and i think others will love you to max.keep reading as i will have more for you to read. bye woof woof lick xxx.