Thursday, November 19, 2009

my life

hi all my name is ebony and i live ina country town near the beach. im almost 13 months and started my life with my beautiful family from the age of 3 was xmas day and my old owner wanted me to find a new home as i had many brother and sisters there was to many of us. so he took me to this place and only to find my new owner waiting for me but i didnt know it at the time she didnt know i was going to be hers and i didnt know i was going to be hers. as it happen i got passed into her arms and she took me outside showing me off oh how cute is this woman was saying and well she went to turn back and take me inside when another person spoke do you want her they said meaning me ebony will the person was so happy and said yes yes yes. and from then on that day i was her dog. it was a happy xmas for all. this will follow on so please read more soon woof woof.


  1. Hi Ebony,
    Wow You are so lucky - Your owner sounds lovely. I bet you are spoilt wih lots of love. By the way i think you are really cute. We will have to play together one day.
    Love Max xoxoxoxox

  2. aaaaaawww i so cant wait my best freind eva you are hot max i know you are loved and spoiled yes just like me we are well loved and looked after we have it better then some of them poor other one out there. keep in touch ill have more on my life on here. bye sexy max woof woof xxx