Friday, November 20, 2009

vet trip

hello all im back!!!! well o here i am in my new home with my new family and im loving it. then one day my mum say eb we are going to go to the vets and im thinking mmm that sound cool wonder what that is. so i go for what mum calles drivies and boy i love them now. so we go for this trip and then we get there. and she says come on we have a new place for you to get used to. and im thinking oh no not another new home but no it wasnt. so i go there and there are all these new ppl and they are fussing over me saying oh how cute are you what a cutie and im thinking get over it guys gee!! then this man pickes me up and puts me on the cold silver table and im thinking hey what are you doing and then he starts feeling me checking my ears my eyes my legs and im not to sure about it all but then my mum is there and i feel safe. then this guy goes away and then comes back and well the next thing i feel this thing in the back of my neck and boy i yelled it hurt like hell i didnt like it at all and i know my mum didnt like it done. i wanted to get out of there that man was bad but mum made it better and gave me a nice liver treat that was yum. then she says now you will never get lost they put what they call a mrico chip in me so if i do get lost they can find me i also got other needles so i dont get sick my mum love me and wants to look after me real well i love her so much. so that was a big day for me as i was only about 4 months. so off back home we go and i have myself a big sleep am happy to be home. next time chexk for more i have lots to tell you bye later woof woof xxx


  1. You really need that stuff Ebs, My sister Molly got lost and my Mummy cried for ages. For 9 days she searched, checking shelters and vets and wishing she had done the chippy thing in Molly, but luckily Molly came home, skinny but ok and Mummy took her for drivies quick smart and she has a chippy thing in her now like you and me got.

    Have a good sleep. Purrrrs

  2. oh wow lucky im glad my mum got it done it hurt but i can never be lost now. take care woof woof

  3. G'day Ebony, it's nice to meet you. Our furriend Oscar the Wonder Cat mentioned your blog, so we came over to meet you. It's good to have the microchip, 'cos it makes it easier to for our people to find us if we ever get lost. The other needles to stop you getting sick are good, just not at the time when they're sticking into you.


    Gypsy & Tasha