Tuesday, November 24, 2009

more training

well hi there guys. im back and now getting ready to do more training as have been going over it for the week i am still not heeling for my mum. now 5 months old but i do sit really good now as my mum has been doing it with me all week and i now know that if she says sit and i do it right away i get that tasty treat. so we are going back to jeff and cheryls and we are going to do more training but at this time i am not wanting to train there are cool pups here i love it. i want to play with them all some times there are more there then others and some times i have to be careful as some dogs are not puppys and they dont want to play like one dog she is a standed poodle and she is much older then me she wont take anything from any dog she pulls them in line. so i dont play with her. i see my hottie again max and i want to play games with him but mum says no ebony you need to train i get mad and shake my head no mum come on let me play just a bit im trying to tell her but she wont let me so unfair. so we go out on the field and its time to do that heeling thing and the sitting thing and so we do that and all good. but wait a second whats this all these things are around the paddock there is this ramp ans these tire things and a tunnel and jumps. mum says if i be a good girl i get to go on them but not the jumps as im to young i need to be 15 months before i can jump but i know i can already ha.so we do our training and i do the sitting good but not the heal this upsets mum but i dont like to do it mayby one day i will not yet i just want fun. so then we get to do all these things i get to go over the tires and the tunnel and the ramp its great i have a ball. hehe when mum lets go of my lead to go in the tunnle i bolt for it and i run like mad around the paddock i have a skitz attack wahoo i have so much fun my mum is stressing ebony come here she is calling but no way im having to much fun to go back. so after about 5 mins mum gets me and the fun is over boy i had fun but now im so puffed ha ha i will sleep good tonight. well that was a great day cant wait to come back and do it again. well keep reading folks ill be back with more good stuff take care woof woof bye xxx.


  1. well sis you are quite the little writer, im most proud of you. & go ebony you give your mum lots of memories um will never forget. ha, ha ,ha. i love it Case, you've done well & i really enjoyed reading all of it.

  2. aaaawww thank you im glad you liked it i have more to do so be sure to come back and read more later.