Thursday, November 19, 2009

my new home

well here i am in my new home boy im so spoiled my new mum got me a nice new matt that im laying on and lots of toys i have so much fun. im loving m new home its great. so many new smells ans things to chase trees to pull things of ha they are eatable to one taste sweet and one is crunchy mum tells me of and says stop eating my cherrys that must be the sweet things i eat and then she tells me off for eating the crunchy things stop eating me almonds she says. but im not going to they are good. boy im having a ball digging lots of holes here its great fun i get told no for them but i just love it. so many good things in the ground bugs and worms tasty. my mum lets me sleep inside but i have to go on my matt wich i do caz it makes mum happy and i like it its cozy. well stay in touch and ill tell you more about my life soon take care woof woof.


  1. Hi - Welcome to blogland. I am Oscar, (my mum is Lisa (Cheryl's sister). ). Feel free to ask me anything you like (i don't bite - much). hehe. I will add you as a friend on my blog. Bye for now

  2. oh thank you so much have i done it right? how do i find other people on this site and how do i let people find me i want to be a star im a cool dog i think how do i add you?how do i add more things sorry all new to me i love it.

  3. hehe it's okay. I have your email address - will email you the answers to your questions.